The Mana Vault's Grand Opening Win a Dual

Mar 31, 2023
3807 South Packard Avenue, Saint Francis, WI, USA

Event Details

Event Information

The Mana Vault is proud to announce our Grand Opening Win a Dual Tournament! This event will be held Friday March 31st at The Mana Vault MKE, The newest LGS to hit the mean streets of Milwaukee! To celebrate this special occasion we are holding a cEDH tournament with a Volcanic Island as the first place prize! We're super thankful for the cEDH community here in Wisconsin and hope to continue to be apart of its growth! Special Guests SAD NAUS will be in attendance!


This tournament will have 3 rounds of swiss

Each round will be be 90 minutes in length

After time in round is called active player will finish their turn and the game will end in a draw

Wins are worth 5 points Draws are worth 1 point

After swiss there will be a cut to top 16 based on points awarded during the swiss then a single elimination round will take place to determine top 4. (Top 16 cut is dependent on attendance)

This tournament will utilize the MSIPG created by Monarch and will be held to Comp REL standards

This tournament will utilize Command Tower for the pairing software and determining turn order

Byes that are awarded due to awkward pairings will be considered a win and worth 5 points


1st Place will win a Revised Volcanic Island


The Mana Vault's Grand Opening Win a Dual