cEdh for an Underground Sea

Jun 17, 2023 – Jun 17, 2023
6120 West Layton Avenue, Greenfield, WI, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Warpstorm Games & Lounge is proud to announce our third cEDH tournament! On June 17th, we will be giving a Revised Underground Sea to 1st place valued at over $600!!

We have gotten a lot of great feedback from our previous events and have taken it to heart. This tournament will be held on a Saturday and Round 1 will start at 2:00 PM CT to accommodate all those who are traveling from out of town! If all available tickets are sold then you may contact us by email at warpstormgameslounge@gmail.com where we will place you on a waiting list in case someone can no longer attend!

Entry Fee is $25


This tournament has a cap of 48 Players.

There will be 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to top 4.

Each round will be 90 minutes.

After time in round is called active player will finish their turn and if there isn’t a winner, the game will end in a draw. Wins are worth 5 points and draws are worth 1 point.

This tournament will use Command Tower as the tournament software. Alex Muhich will be the Head Judge.

Byes will NOT be given for this event. If we have an odd number of players, there may be a 3 or 5 player pod.


Prizes based off attendance:

1st Place – Revised Underground Sea

Top 2-4 - $75 In Store Credit (with 33 players)

Top 16 - $25 In Store Credit (with 45 players)

Every player after 24, 33, or 45 players will add $25 to the prize pool.

Anything else (health, etc.)


cEdh for an Underground Sea