2023 Proletariat Championship - Contest of the Comrades

May 27, 2023 – May 28, 2023
18475 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO, USA

Event Details

Event Information

Two- Day Swiss/ Round Robin Style Tournament. Players will play in at least 5 rounds of Swiss Pod play before a Final Four table is determined by a point system. The format is Proletariat/ Uncommon and Commons only Magic the Gathering EDH.

Proletariat Format Discord channel for additional information Contact Brian/Karl when you arrive


Tournament Rules Players accumulate points across swiss rounds. Once the number of players is finalized, pods for all rounds are locked in using the Eminence app. After the swiss rounds, the top 4 scoring players advance to a final winner-takes-all pod. Ties for determining the finals participation are resolved via trivia.

Game Placement [4 player pod] First - 4 Points Second - 2 Point Third -1 Point Fourth -1 Point

[3 player pod] First - 4 Points Second - 2 Point Third -1 Point

Kills Knocking out ("killing") a player scores 1 point.

Bounties When a player wins a game, a bounty is placed on them. Players who win multiple games in a row have one bounty per win. When a player with a bounty is killed, the player who killed them or "HeadHunter" scores one point per bounty and the killed player is reset to zero bounties.

Combo Wins Infinite combos (as determined by the players in the game) score zero points for kills, but do score bounties if there are any. Game placement is determined by life total when the combo is declared.


Bragging rights for a year

Anything else (health, etc.)

Wash your ass and wear deodorant.


Saturday, May 27th 10a - 6p Swiss Pods

Sunday, May 28th 10a-3p Swiss Pods 4p-6p Final Table


2023 Proletariat Championship - Contest of the Comrades