Bufftown Bullies $50 EDH Deck Charity Event

May 27, 2023 – May 27, 2023
287 Oliver Street, North Tonawanda, NY, USA

Event Details

-15 Dollars will go to NAMI for each entrant -Food and prizes will be for everyone at no extra cost. Top table at the end of the event gets choice 1/2/3/4 from the biggest pool -deckilsts must be submitted in Moxfield. Price your deck to the cheapest. You can use whatever version you own, just the cheapest $$ we will consider. Moxfield does not add basic land to deck price!

  • you can submit and change your list as much as you want up to the event. If you submit and have no changes and cards go up in price, you're gooooood.
  • we have prizes from Quiver, infinitokens, Pinfinity, donations from the community. -rounds will be TBD in both number and time for each. -we will start around 12:30pm the store opens at noon and we'll collect payment and make sure everyone has signed up in the link.


Bufftown Bullies $50 EDH Deck Charity Event